Tennis Rules & Guidelines

The BHL Board has the following Tennis Facility Usage Policy:

- For 2012, Every non-resident must pay a $25.00 fee for each season played. The maximum amount any non-resident player will pay for one year is $75.00. 

- For 2013, the non-resident fees will be increased to $30 per season. This will go into effect during the Spring 2013 ALTA season. There will also be no maximum amount a non-resident would pay in a given year. 

-Effective the Summer 2012 season, any newly formed teams must have a minimum of 4 BHL residents on their roster. For all existing teams, they must have a minimum of 4 BHL residents on their roster effective the Spring 2013 ALTA season. An existing team is defined as any team that played out of BHL during or prior to the Spring 2012 ALTA season. 

- The Tennis Committee Chairperson is responsible to collect the list of team names and payments from each Team Captain and to forward this to the BHL Board Treasurer, one week before each season/league. 

- There must be a BHL Resident as Captain for each team. They must submit a list of all players (residents and non-residents) plus the required checks one week before the start of every season/league team to the Tennis Committee Chairman. Non-residents are prohibited from playing on our courts until they have paid. Any team that allows Non-Members to play without paying their fee will not be allowed to continue playing future seasons at the facilities. 

Rules and Regulations:
  • All courts must be reserved through the sign up board. With the exception of ALTA and USTA team matches, lessons and BHL sanctioned tournaments, sign up for all 3 courts may be done no sooner than 2 days prior to scheduled play.

  • A singles match may sign up for 1.5 hours of court time. A doubles match may sign up for 2 hours of court time.

  • You may not sign up for consecutive blocks of time. If courts are available and you are sure no one is waiting, you may remain on the court when your match is completed. 

  • There is a 10 minute grace period beyond the registered time to be on the court. After the grace period the court is declared open.

  • Junior players must yield to adults after 7pm. Junior players are 15 years of age and younger.

  • Guests must be accompanied by a resident and are limited to four per household.

  • No pets or wheeled vehicles are allowed in the tennis area at any time.

  • No food is allowed on the courts except for beverages in a non-breakable container.

  • Damage is the responsibility of the homeowner involved.

  • Please be considerate. If you are not going to use the block of time you signed up for be sure to remove your name so someone can sign up. Habitual offenders may be subjected to losing their tennis playing privileges.

  • Court and pavilion cleanliness is the responsibility of all homeowners. Please empty court side trash containers as necessary and report any required maintenance to the tennis committee/board of directors.

  • BHL ALTA and USTA teams are permitted to reserve all 3 courts for matches only. Practice is assured the use of 2 courts only.

  • No outside ALTA or USTA teams may use BHL tennis facilities, even if the team has members who are homeowners.

  • Lessons with a professional are allowed early sign up. Normal court rules apply. Only one lesson per week per group/individual may be reserved early.

Residents can reserve Tennis Courts @